About Us

The Company

Bonnie's Honey Bees

 Bonnie's Honey Bees was founded by Bonnie Cobado in the spring of 2019. She works with the Doan Family who have been involved in the honey industry for over 60 years. The Doan Family Farm is largely involved in pollination in New York, Florida, and California. On average, they raise and care for 1,000 honey bee hives which results in an average of 55,000 gallons of honey and 1,000 pounds of beeswax. The owner of Doan Family Farms, also lobbies for the bee industry by testifying in front of Congress, the EPA, and working in Albany for the betterment of nature's precious honey bees. His parents own and operate Doan Honey Farms that help in supplying New York and surrounding areas with nature's liquid gold for the last 50 years. 

Meet the Owner

Bonnie Cobado

 "Hello, my name is Bonnie Cobado and I am the owner and operator of Bonnie's Honey Bees. I am a disabled Army Veteran who resides on our family farm in the southern tier of New York with my young son and brother. Raised on a farm in central Ohio, I have had a never ending love for animals from a very young age. Honey bees only adds to my love for both animals and the agricultural industry so I wanted to share my passion with the world through homegrown honey products."